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Anonymous: Hi! I'm just curious about your FF "Beyond Rough Edges". How long you plan to put in hiatus? I miss this story, and anxious to read until final chapter. Hope you'll find time and courage to finish it soon. Thank you for your wonderful stories. Fighting!!!

Fighting!! Ah, you’re the best. Beyond Rough Edges is coming back after I post either chapter 4 or 5 of Peril. *gasps* But my next update of Peril will be two chapters instead of one. My updating schedule was completely messed up with this week because I went to a concert in a different state on tuesday and got back friday night. So no updates, which means you guys probably hate me. But I’m trying to not be such a bore me when it comes to peril because I know Beyond Rough Edges is really slow and bit boring. Have a lovely day!

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I never knew how true and realistic and non-exaggerated this episode was until I went to college.

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…though my eyes look at you, I can’t see you.

Anonymous: Helloo, since a long time ago I read Beyond Rough Edges and recently saw your update of your new fanfic. It's really good, and I was wondering since you said it was seventeen chapters long, that means you've already written up to there right? Anyway I just wanted to praise you and tell you that I'm hoping you'll update often :)

Has it been a long time ago? ah, yeah I deserve that comment. Thank you for reading because I love when people do. :D

I’ve outlined it out to seventeen chapters, but I’ve only really written about twelve of those and they all need editing. I also have so much other stuff to do and I’m obsessed with sleeping it’s hard to find time to actually sit down and write. But I will strictly keep my schedule of at least two chapters a week. Oh Beyond Rough Edges is on break right now because I have all these new ideas to include in the next five chapters SO I will to start posting Beyond Rough Edges again when Peril has kicked off.

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 Young Do, so done with Myung Soo. 

[wtheol complaining about the pink lipstick softly in the distance]

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Peril pt. 1


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